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I saw Angela speaking at an AICD event about her ‘story’ of a successful business which has made creative use of social media. I thought her talk was excellent and inspirational, and I would recommend Angela as a speaker. Then I arranged some RSA A+NZ events at the Vivo Cafe on George St and was able to experience the impressive business that Angela has created and sustained. The service was first class and the tailoring to our needs superb. There is a culture of focusing on the customer with creativity and flexibility to ensure a positive outcome. Try it yourself!

Paul Vittles FMRS FAMI FRSA, Suicide Prevention Transformation Projects The Jordan Legacy CIC, UK

This is an unusual recommendation, however, it is one I am compelled to make… Last year I was sitting at the genius bar of the Apple store on George St, lamenting the near-death experience of my ailing MacBook. I resorted to Twitter to complain about the length of time I had been waiting, how long I was still expected to wait -and the fact I had not had food or drink for several hours. Here comes the recommendation, although I had only met Angela briefly at a Vivo-hosted function, Angela responded to my Twitter bleating with an offer to arrange food and coffee – and deliver it to the genius bar! I am certain this is not part of the normal service offering, but it is a fantastic example of the tremendous passion, customer focus and innovation Angela demonstrates in every aspect of her business. I have had the pleasure of connecting with Angela since and recommend her as a committed and inspirational business leader.

Michael Field, Director Industrial Strength Strategy Au

Angela was a keynote speaker at our Annual Coaching Conference this year (2010), alongside Jeff Kennett, Rhondalynn Korolak & Noel Posus. She is a fabulous speaker and I would recommend any business who wants to explore the theme of success, to get in touch with her. Has a great story, speaks from the heart and is someone that the audience can easily relate to. Dynamic and engaging, you can feel the energy rise up from the first moment you contact her. Apparently makes a great cup of coffee too – but am yet to explore that! My audience are professional coaches who spend time teaching clients how to achieve success, so it takes a person with huge credibility and expertise to be able to hold their attention in the way that Angela did. More effective than a double shot espresso!

Sally Parrish GAICD, Director Board Coaching Institute Au

To say Angela is a dynamo is a massive understatement! She is not only dynamic but warm, passionate, inspiring, innovative and brilliant as well. Angela presented at Network Central’s Businesswomen’s Breakfast Series and held the entire audience in the palm of her hand. She gave many seasoned managers and directors in the audience a huge amount of food for thought and absolutely walks her talk. I highly recommend her as a speaker, management educator and thought leader.

Kim McGuinness, Founder SoloCEO Au

SME TV & Podcasts Channel

Angela Vithoulkas, Founder and Host

With over 2 million SMEs in Australia, it’s about time we have a dedicated channel just for us!

Video is a powerful and proven way to get your message across. 82% of the global internet traffic will come from video streaming & downloads.

By having our own custom built virtual studio, it means we are able to interview anyone, anywhere at anytime.

Having the technical resources available enables SME TV to offer produced video content at an affordable price.

SMEs are busy and time poor, our virtual studio eliminates the stress SMEs face away from their business. It provides the best solution and outcome for them.

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Customer Experience & Business Tips