For more than three decades Angela has forged a successful career in public, business, and corporate life. Vithoulkas’ business experience spans more than 3 decades, having bought, sold, and built dozens of businesses and employed hundreds of people.

Angela Vithoulkas is an SME Specialist, a proven expert in customer success strategy and founder of SME TV. Today, in her capacity as a consultant, she provides strategic business direction, government relations advice and recommendations for businesses who need advocacy connecting and dealing with government.

Angela’s hands on expertise in; building start-ups into successful brands; leading and supporting collaborative small and large teams of skilled and often unskilled people; creating positive work environments; identifying strengths and weaknesses within a business; strategically mapping out areas of growth and risk; strong analytical thinking and communication skills; building stakeholder relationships and customer engagement. All culminate in generating successful outcomes for the customer.

As a leader in customer success, she has helped business owners achieve customer-driven growth by elevating their business practices. Angela believes that customer experience is a journey, not a destination. Customers’ expectations have evolved, and as business owners we need to be in tune with that. Business owners must be constantly designing the best experience for their customers today, but they also need to be listening for and anticipating what lies ahead. They must always strive to deliver a great customer experience, one that extends beyond a single touchpoint and instead provides value along the entire journey.

Angela’s peers have acknowledged her leadership in the industry by awarding her various business awards, including City of Sydney Business of the Year, Café of the Year, and 2007 Telstra Women’s Business Owner of the Year. She has been recognized as one of Australia’s 50 Influential Women Entrepreneurs in 2015 and one of Australia’s Top Nine Influential Female Entrepreneurs in 2017.

Amid the global pandemic, market volatility, and soaring unemployment of 2020, Angela was there for business owners. She launched her newest project, a collaboration with the SME Association of Australia, the SME TV & Podcasts Channel. It features conversations with SME owners, interviews with innovators within various industries and stories about the latest trends in entrepreneurship. In just six months, Angela had produced more than 150 episodes of SME TV, achieving incredible results, including over 25,000 views and engagements per week on LinkedIn.

Over the course of more than 30 years in business, Angela has seen the difficulties faced by small-business owners and realized they needed a champion to advocate for them. This prompted her to enter into public life and so began her political career.

For ten years Angela, as a twice elected City of Sydney Councillor, represented small business owners at a local and state political level.

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