Clubs: Weapons Or Just Groups Of People?

What’s your first thought when you think about the word CLUB? Is it to add something in front like Chess, Soccer or Book? Or do you think stick, bat or a thick piece of wood? Or a denomination $$$?

Isn’t it interesting that a group or association of people who are united with a purpose (a Club) could also be a powerful weapon? Welcome to the analogy of Club.

Have you ever stopped to think whether you’re a joiner or a loner? Don’t answer too fast, give it a minute and mull it over…your vanity metrics may depend on it!

If you accept that one definition of club is a gathering of people who share common interests or goals, then technically being part of any social media platform kind of puts you in a club. Of course, not everyone in the club has the same motivation, but that’s a conversation that might require flashbacks to childhood, medical supervision and perhaps a beverage. I recommend a balanced approach with an emphasis on the latter, preferably one high in antioxidants that’s had decent reviews and not reserved for salad dressing.

I’ve never really been one to join clubs, its just never worked out that way for me. The closest I’ve ever come (outside of social media) is being part of survey groupings. You know, like age or gender groups, industry groups etc. I like to think it’s because I’m a complex individual, not a personality trait referred to by the FBI profilers…LOL.

But on a serious note, it really could be the fault of my parents – too soon to share this? They didn’t set a great example of joining clubs- sport, social or “other”. They invented workaholic-ism, I fine-tuned it. They focused on building businesses; I focus on building businesses. Don’t jump up and down here people, I know there are BUSINESS CLUBS, but I would refer you to the word displayed somewhere above here – WORKAHOLIC. I hope that’s clear now and we can move on.

So, we’ve touched on clubs as a group and possibly a weapon by default via power in numbers – same same right? But, interestingly, if a group of people go clubbing together, it doesn’t necessarily mean going out and painting the town red (apparently the  data  shows that young people don’t do this as much as their peers once did, OUCH!) it can mean they all pitch in to buy something together.

For instance: “friends and colleagues clubbed together to buy ANGELA a present”. See how I personalised that? I admit that this meaning is a recent addition to my expanding verb club. The personalised bit is old.

Does society prefer joiners or loners? It’s important to note, that while I have confessed to not being a Club person, I would not be averse to joining the Qantas Chairman’s Lounge

– known as Australia’s most exclusive club. Its invitation only and free and one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had. Yes, I have visited it but only as a guest. Amazing. Loads better than the first- class lounge. Promise. But I digress.

How can we determine or measure if a club, or if being a member of one, adds value to us? Does the value and power only lie with the entity or does the membership benefit because they are part of the co-operative? I think sports clubs present a unique perspective on this question.

Their membership is full of diehard believers who follow their beloved team and feel their loss and triumphs as if it were their own, otherwise known as fans. They have an almost spiritual connection.

You only have to attend a live game of some sort to bear witness to this.

Shall we dare to enter the realm of factions and splinter groups within clubs? Another dimension of member power and the weaponisation of a club. It’s a tug of war between groups who supposedly believe or follow or participate in the same thing yet choose to evolve from within – religion and politics are great poor examples of clubs that have gone a bit off track. Or rather, one or two members do at first and before you know it a whole new world is discovered. (Sarcastic tones should be inserted here)

I believe we have come to a parallel path in our journey of clubs. One where there must be responsibility shouldered by the new type of club, the Influencer Club. This is where the membership chooses to follow a board of 1 in the hope that some of the sparkle will rub off on them. I am of the hope that those who have the power because they have harnessed the metric of scale will use this for the benefit of many, not just the profit of the few.

I’m not opposed to the business part of any club, its how it stays alive. But I would like my first club to be one that fights for good, that supports many and whose shadow is warm. I want to follow beside the membership, I know that sounds strange – how can you follow by being next to someone, but it’s not meant to be literal. I want a club that’s lateral with its followers, perhaps adapting the US Marines catchcry “never leave a member behind”.