Credability Systems Media Release – Plan Managers – 28 November 2023

Angela Vithoulkas and Credability Systems board unanimously decide to fight for the future of NDIS Plan Managers.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: Angela Vithoulkas has received the full support of her fellow Credability Systems Board of Directors to tackle key issues faced by NDIS Plan Managers, in particular the alarming proposal found within NIB Thrive’s multiple NDIS Review submissions. Angela states “I have been fighting for SME’s for decades, and I am truly concerned about the future of Plan Managers given the open attack by large corporates such as NIB Thrive to eliminate their livelihoods. I won’t go quietly on this, and I’m proud to say, neither will the board.”

Of most concern is a series of submissions from NIB Thrive to the NDIS Review. NIB Thrive announced in 2022 that they were entering the NDIS via acquisitions, and have since purchased multiple large plan management agencies. Further, in their NDIS Review submission (29th May 2023) they openly state their position against smaller Plan Management agencies as follows: 

“Quality services and the protection of participant safety requires investment in people, processes, and technology. Smaller plan managers, like those with fewer than 100 participants, who make up the majority of Australia’s 1,500 plan managers, do not have the capacity to provide these supports.”

Source: NDIS Review Submission SUB-B0V5-001471, 29 May 2023, page 3.

This quote seems to imply that only large corporate-sized Plan Management agencies can provide protection and quality services. Regardless of size, each Plan Management agency undergoes the same rigorous compliance process carried out by the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission. 

In multiple submissions, NIB Thrive has proposed an NDIS ‘Future state’ model for Plan Management (see left), which would effectively destroy thousands of SMEs. 

Angela says “This model appears to remove the right for an NDIS Participant to choose a Plan Manager, Support Coordinator, and/or Service Provider. Whether the Participant desires a smaller Plan Management agency with individualised support and a friendly helping hand, or a larger corporation with a ‘case management’ approach and nameless, faceless people, that should ultimately be their choice, and certainly not NIB Thrive’s decision to make.  

“Furthermore, how does this model facilitate the core values of the NDIS?”

“Putting people with disability at the centre of decision-making, through the principles of reasonable & necessary supports & individual choice & control.”

Source: NDIS Reasonable and Necessary Supports, 2022, page 2.

Since joining the board at Credability Systems, Angela has had the privilege of witnessing the tireless efforts of Plan Managers in their commitment to support their Participants. Her primary concern lies in protecting their crucial role within the NDIS, and she will utilise every resource available to achieve this goal. 

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You can read publicly available NDIS Review Submissions here.

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Credability Systems is an innovative Australian FinTech company providing cutting-edge software solutions designed for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). Their core product, Planability, was purpose-built for NDIS Plan Managers and leverages “Real-time” claiming. Credability Systems’ vision is to streamline the entire purchasing, claims, and payments process within the NDIS, improving experiences and providing more time to focus on meeting Participants needs.

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About Angela Vithoulkas

Angela is a multi-award-winning business owner who has forged a successful career in public, business, and corporate life. Her business experience spans more than 3 decades, with numerous awards including City of Sydney Business of The Year and 2007 Telstra NSW Women’s Business Owner Award. She has tirelessly but successfully led a class action lawsuit with thousands of small businesses to seek compensation for disruption caused by the drawn-out construction of the state government’s Sydney light rail line.

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